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JoLoCity is a company created to serve those who need rapid solutions which work browsers, mobile and Internet of Things

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  • In China, a Dot-Com Déjà-Vu October 15, 2018
    Tech startups, and their valuations, are booming in China. But where some investors see promise and reward, others see risk and a potential reckoning. How it will play out depends upon whom you ask.
  • Fiber Damage Vexes Verizon After Hurricane Michael October 15, 2018
    The storm in Florida caused extensive damage to the fiber that underpins the carrier’s wireless network, hurting efforts to restore service.
  • SoftBank Gives Startups Billions of Reasons to Hold Off IPOs October 14, 2018
    If SoftBank secures a majority stake in eight-year-old WeWork through its Vision Fund, the move would likely keep the shared office-space company private for years to come, employing what one venture capitalist calls “a holding-company philosophy.”
  • The Winery That Fits in a Closet October 14, 2018
    What if you could make wine by putting grapes in a bag and pushing a button? Meet the GOfermentor, an automated, spill-proof, kitchen-size vino machine.
  • Salesforce, Twitter CEOs Spar Over the Homeless October 13, 2018
    Marc Benioff and Jack Dorsey publicly voiced their disagreement over a tax measure intended to help solve San Francisco’s homelessness problem.

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